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September 25, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat with Will McInnes

Last night’s #CommsChat featured Will McInnes, the author of Culture Shock: A Handbook for 21st Century BusinessWe discussed modern business culture and social media’s impact on businesses.

Here are some interesting tweets from last night:

@willmcinnes We all know it’s flawed. 20th century business is sad, flabby, unfair, idiotic. Time to upgrade, mofos.

@engagingbrand @markpinset I agree but as always the answer lies in back to the future…there is nothing new only in how its delivered

@willmcinnes So for me, a big aspect of social business, REAL social business, is employee ownership. More of that in Culture Shock

@louwatson1908 4) social helps growing cos punch above their weight with access to insight and agility. But takes belief to zag when others zig

@digiconvs As biz you’re mostly interested in £££ but your customers interested in fair treatment. Find the balance, you will succeed.


Here’s the full transcript:


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