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November 12, 2014 Transcript of #commschat with whisky brands cont.


  1. . It would seem that I missed a rather spirited recently.

    1. “Use Orientation to Instill New Values, Attitudes, and Beliefs” via

  2. Our menus offer pairings for all the time and from time to time.

  3. But in the same stretch has wine/food pairing taken off with the mass public? I’d argue not really.

  4. there was a brilliant game & whisky pop up restaurant last month from

  5. not for the masses anyway

  6. food pairing been going on for years in whisky, cheese,chocolate etc need to find new platforms

  7. whisk(e)y brands are alwaystalkingabout this, not convinced pairing food/whisk(e)y will ever take off

  8. other alc. categories are trying to crack this nut – just look at ‘there’s a beer for that’

  9. like “speak human” for example……..ok, don’t get me started, will wait until next week 🙂

  10. language? You mean my favourite subject ? Cannot wait for that one 🙂

  11. Food pairing is an easy win – wine sector has used it for years so others should jump in.

  12. whilst not everyone’s cup of tea Haig does show new thinking for Scotch it will be interesting to see how it goes

  13. Thanks again, everyone! G’night.

  14. We’ll have the transcript up tomorrow AM and we’re back next week with a chat on language.

  15. celebrity creation, not just endorsement, key, but poor reviews/experience may harm category longer term

  16. Thanks for having us all!

  17. Let’s thank our guests and who helped make this hour so insightful

  18. It can have easier wins by engaging other senses easily though – tastings and so on

  19. Like all sectors it has strengths and weaknesses. Some brands do it well, some don’t

  20. Also, thanks , now I want Jack-smoked BBQ ribs.

  21. Just a few min left of tonight’s . Really interesting discussion about whisk(e)y comms, , brand experience, digital

  22. meat and whiskey is becoming an increasingly important campaign for Jack targeting a core consumer occasion BBQ

  23. But was that down to a good product and campaign or just because it had a celeb attached?

  24. No. Beckham/Haig thing looks like little more than a Celeb stunt.

  25. but may do more damage than good as product actually v v poor, so new entrants may switch off from whisky forever

  26. as consumers move to less gender specific stereotypes alc. brands will become more gender neutral, none are there yet

  27. Haig campaign not my cup of tea, however exceptional reach, impact and influence, will open whisky category up

  28. T5: better awareness of laws. Technology could allow for more personalised experience and help in picking a good drink

  29. Food is a good natural win for drink firms (pairings). Bowmore did that well. Good ambassador program too.

  30. . I do. I’ve decided to pick one and run with it as 140 chars. = not enough room to spell it out twice!

  31. More story driven variants to sit along side the ubiquitous craft and heritage set

  32. RT : when done well ‘digital’ is intrinsic in every brief not a separate channel

  33. I totally agree but many in top spots at drinks firms remain to be convinced.

  34. move away from challenge, snobbery and masculinity to accessible, fun, versatile and experimentation

  35. Future for whisky – after expensive boom passes – is declining sales unless it adapts quicker to digital benefits

  36. . Are we moving away from a masculine/feminine distinction for alcohol brands? Are any brands gender-neutral?

  37. when done well ‘digital’ is intrinsic in every brief not a separate channel

  38. Some studies have shown have a better nose for appreciating the subtleties of whisky

  39. No, campaigns r geared twrds men mostly. Thou in Canada they hv started targeting wines 2 women ‘Skinny Wine’ ‘GFO’

  40. Surprising. Purchasing decisions lay with women normally. Good stat.

  41. For me, Bowmore. Some interesting food-tied campaigns last year.

  42. RT : agree inclusive comms is still a significant issue for all

  43. T5: What changes will arise as a result of new markets and changing technologies? 2/2

  44. Here’s a Q for – what was the last whisky or whiskey marketing campaign that made you go and try the drink?

  45. I would say no women who drink whisky are attracted by the masculine brands rather than brands directly courting women

  46. Topic 5 (last one!) is a two-parter: What the future will look like for whiskey brands? 1/2

  47. . I just find the “women want to drink fruity beer” concept baffling. No. They really don’t

  48. agree inclusive comms is still a significant issue for all

  49. see previous comment, many still don’t understand needs, nuance, limits and power of digital

  50. That’s a topic in itself 🙂 Some sectors do it well, others are getting there.

  51. At senior levels in many firms, digital still not seen as essential. Also differing liquor laws make marketing hard

  52. Agreed : For many the online brand experience is still very poor and not aligned to greater goals.

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