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October 12, 2011 Transcript of #CommsChat with Scott Gould

Our midweek #CommsChat with Scott Gould, co-founder of Like Minds, looked at how digital media and business – specifically SMEs – are getting along. The transcript of a busy chat can be found below, but we’ve pulled out a few of our favourite messages:

@scottgould: And here’s the scary thing: we judge people on Twitter by their content, not reality. So now wonder we are all blogging #likeminds #commschat

@AbigailH: Is it something 2 do with the ‘dna’ of personalities attracted to the business? Similar to PR – full of introverted extroverts?

@Britt_W: Economic aspect to this as well: Few jobs around = increased competition = more ‘lies’.

@scottgould: So here is the thing with social media: can we separate business from pleasure?

@RobertPickstone: You don’t need to be an expert to get anything out of social. I’m no expert on the phone but have fruitful calls

@innov8design: What Apple offers in terms of the App store is vast choice. SMEs can’t really take that approach

@benjaminellis: “continuous partial transparency” = social media gives the appearance of openness but does not dissolve privacy

@GemmaWent: If digital practitioners can’t get results for themselves, they have no business doing it for clients

@AbigailH: twitter is only cramped/noisy if you don’t filter, make relevant etc.

@scottgould: When we INVOLVE people, we nail social. Not broadcasting not expecting tons of followers but involve the ones we have.

There’s plenty more insight in the transcript, so make sure to check it out: 12 October Scott Gould

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