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December 20, 2011 Transcript of CommsChat with SantaComms

It was a fun and festive #CommsChat on Monday 19 November as we were joined by SantaComms for the last #CommsChat of 2011.

The full transcript is available below but we’ve also pulled out a few tweets from the course of the hour.


@SantaComms: Well, the first candidate for the naughty list is an obvious one: News International

@FelicityStewart: How about RIM for its complete lack of communications during October’s service interruptions?

@mynewsdesk_uk: Well I am certainly impressed by @SantaComms’s multichannel strategy! Talk about blanket coverage!

@LiamFurther: Got to doff my hat to John Lewis for ‘that’ advert. Still don’t like it, but their sales have surged since!! Well done…

@Communicatemag: surely you’ve got to namecheck @amandacomms for the great comms work from greater manchester police during the riots

@mynewsdesk_uk: If you had to sum up your brand in 3 words, what would they be?

@SantaComms: @mynewsdesk_uk Ho, Ho, Ho?


You can read the transcript at: December 19 with SantaComms . A very merry Christmas to you all and we’ll see you in the new year! CommsChat will be back on Monday 9 January.

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