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September 27, 2011 Transcript of #CommsChat with Richard Baker, Rupert Spiegelberg, and Craig Marvelley on mobile comms, 26 September

With the Digital Impact Awards less than a month away, last night’s #CommsChat hosted some of the companies and agencies that are shortlisted in the best use of digital and mobile devices.

Thank you to Richard Baker from Sequence, Rupert Spiegelberg from Investis, and Craig Marvelley from Box UK for contributing to a great session. You can download a full transcript below, but we’ve also pulled out some of the points that we thought were interesting:

@wadv @KellyQHicks @commschat @richlybaked D. SMS can be quite
intrusive, apps are chosen by users so have high value to
user #commschat

@richlybaked It depends on the audience, as well as what ‘flavour’ of
mobile you are thinking of using. #CommsChat
>>> @CommsChat So, first up tonight: Should you be putting mobile at the heart of your comms strategy?

@SuzieLin Yep RT @mynewsdesk_uk: Also – consider the unique
opportunities of mobile – eg using the users location to tailor
content. #commschat

@Communicatemag and theFT has seen more downloads since moving to
HTML5 than when it was on the app store #commschat
>>> @boxuk Wanting to keep 30% of their revenue was also a factor in FT’s decision.. #CommsChat
>>> @rspiegelberg: FT moved off iTunes App platform because it could not get relevant user data from Apple#CommsChat

@mynewsdesk_uk: Strategy should be based on
your audience’s online behaviour. Eg if they use mobile, but mainly
Facebook – communicate on FB #Commschat

@boxuk Of utmost importance is relevance – people are going to
increasingly try to cut out ‘noise’.Apps have to be valuable to the
user! #CommsChat

A full transcript of last night’s #CommsChat can be downloaded here: 26 September Mobile Comms

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