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January 24, 2012 Transcript of CommsChat with Phil Mohr

On Monday we were joined by Phil Mohr from Comufy to discuss social CRM and the switch from broadcast to personal messaging.

There has been much discussion about the nature of social CRM, whether it is software, a philosophy or a business strategy. We discussed how CRM in a social media context can be defined and whether it’s necessary for brands that want to achieve a 1:1 relationship with customers. To conclude we asked for practical tips on how a brand can achieve a 1:1 relationship with customers.

The full transcript can be accessed below and we’ve also pulled out a few of our favourite tweets from the course of the hour.


@Phil_Mohr: Bottom line for me:Social CRM is like a faster version of normal CRM,with different data src+tools to interact with ur customer

@LexMarkus: I get allergic reactions when it’s claimed that (social) CRM is software.

@robertcgage:  Companies using social media as free PR and not bothering to interact with customers miss the point

@AmelieMet: In real life one has to teach the customer that immediate response is not likely, so that needs to be taught on twitter as well

@JeremySinger1: Social has given consumers & fans of brands an access all areas pass. Transparency is now key!

@robertcgage: Doing it well – @BTcare @BandQ to name two…

@LexMarkus: Yes, but it’s also possible to work w/ CRM without CRM software. Not recommended, but still possible.

@AmelieMet: CRM may not be the only way but it appears to be the easiest and most used way

@Littlefoxcomms: but how many organisations have got the resources or organisations to answer questions 24/7?!

@JamesAldousPR: Social should support CRM, but be very careful before you allow it to lead it

@Phil_Mohr: a good CRM with a community manger handover protocol definitely helps. Community management is often underestimated


The transcript can be viewed here: transcript January 23 with Phil Mohr

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