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January 31, 2012 Transcript of CommsChat with Mike Quinn

On Monday we were joined by Mike Quinn from Adobe to discuss how the ubiquitous blue thumbs up- the ‘like’ button- can be monetised.

As rumours abound that Facebook is preparing an IPO, with estimates setting the amount to be raised as high as $10 billion, it seems timely that this week’s #CommsChat focused on the social network

Mike Quinn is product marketing manager at Adobe EMEA, which is working with Facebook on several projects this year.

The full transcript can be accessed below and we’ve also pulled out a few of our favourite tweets from the course of the hour.

@AdamAzor free social services & their resulting popularity was the cause and start of this journey

@MikeQuinn Engaging with the Social Channel is a cost even if you only count the labour costs so businesses need to prove ROI

@Stevejuice anyone else think social media is judged more severely on measurable ROI than trad PR and advertising ever has?

@MikeQuinn When Levi’s implemented the Like button on its site over 40% of all the traffic coming to its website came from Facebook

@SheilaS Yes social should be judged, but seems to be a lot more questioning of FB over 1/4 page print ad that “we always buy.”

@MikeQuinn polled 600 bizs w/ @Econsultancy & found only 12% believe they’re harnessing social data correctly


The transcript can be seen here: transcript January 30 with Mike Quinn


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