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July 10, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat: “Should marketing report into PR?”

Our topic for #CommsChat on 9 July took its cue from the debate motion of LoggerheadsLive – “Should marketing report into PR?”

We didn’t have a guest on this week’s #CommsChat, instead throwing the session open to our regular participants – and some new faces.

The topics discussed included:

  • Can we argue this motion without defining PR and marketing first?
  • Does PR or marketing have more effect on reputation?
  • If marketing reports to PR, to whom does PR report?
  • Can we argue that PR should in fact report to marketing?
  • Does there need to be a linear chain of command within communications?

You can download the full transcript below, but here are some of the tweets we pulled out during the hour:

@nlakeland: Both #marketing & #PR are about communication & reputation,
rather than linear reporting wouldn’t project teams be better? #CommsChat

@jgombita: Per @commAMMO, @nlakeland: “All marketing is communication,
but not all communication is marketing.” #commschat

@adamrubins: @CommsChat the most overlooked piece: STRATEGY. Who
creates it? Who activates it? Now you see silos with no connected strategy

@markrobertparry: @CommsChat charities &sm orgs shd
foc on PR. Gd human int stories will serve bter than paid advertising.

@CommAMMO: @spirals is right – we can debate hierarchy, but integrated
comms are critical. Mktg, however, shud not be primary. #commschat

@MichWalkden: #commschat I work in Sweden where matrix orgs, are the
norm. Only work when clear mandates are set

You can download the full transcript here: 9 July Marketing or PR

#CommsChat will return on 16 July. Get in touch via Twitter or email if you have any suggestions for upcoming topics or guests.


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