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March 3, 2012 Transcript of #Commschat on work life balance

Last night on #Commschat we were joined by Jonathan Bean from mynewsdesk to discuss the boundless topic of the work – life balance.

With social media being omnipresent in the lives of communications professionals in today’s digital age, we wanted to explore its implications both at home and in the office. As well as this, we delve into the various uses of social media tools and how they might be applied to different aspects of our lives.

It was an animated discussion which lead to 44 pages of transcript.The full transcript can be viewed below, and we have highlighed a selection of our favourite tweets below.

@PRgirlAshley: @CommsChat Yes, work-life balance is nonexistant for me. There’s a constant need to be “on call, just in case”

@jonobean: @robertcgage Bingo…this is not new…just our fascination with work life balance and companies unease at providing it

@richard_andrews: @CommsChat As comms people, we should be setting an example. If we want rest of the org to buy in, we have to be seen to lead.

@LizCpher: Yes, @CommsChat social enables us to be more efficient at what we do.However it’s addictive so in reality we work more.

@amandacomms: @robertcgage I understand the sentiment but I enjoy work so end up extending my day but that is my choice

@jgombita: @amoyal @LizCpher when it comes to online “communities” we should get to choose them, not have them imposed on us.

@jonobean: Think its also important to spend and enjoy time offline…experience the
real world instead of the SM bubble

The full transcript can be found here: CommsChat with Jonathan Bean

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