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February 10, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on the value of media relations as a skillset pt. 3


  1. Well what a lovely evening meeting other professionals . Best check my training presentation now! Good night all.

  2. it is then.

  3. 🙂 it was rather a fly-by contribution to , as I was in the middle of a few different things. (Same with !)

  4. I hear “we’ll just schedule for an hour” wherever I go. Makes me jump up and down.

  5. Hootsuite seems to be used in replace of real, actual engagement with people.

  6. listening to our clients surely at the top of the list?..

  7. As always, a really enjoyable and interesting hour. Thanks to all!

  8. haha :’D

  9. thanks everyone enjoyed my first

  10. Always a pleasure to host. Please buy ‘s book on media relations 😉

  11. a’A4 – it’s not always about media!

  12. I’m signing out but feel free to keep chatting! Goodnight

  13. is unamplified content valuable?! Both important. Good content that meets an audience need is the starting point

  14. Thank you for the great contributions tonight everyone and a big thanks to our guests: and

  15. oh please do! (really hope that’s not a hashtag in use…)

  16. totally! Tempted to include that in the highlights tomorrow haha

  17. the content needs to be relevant – the audience will find if it’s relevant on the right platform

  18. you said it so much more eloquently than I did 😉

  19. “you can’t amplify a turd” might be the best quote ever 🙂

  20. Yup! Love a good dabble in Google Analytics – best way of tracking outcome (sale) against output (press release)!

  21. Couldn’t agree more

  22. get the content right. Otherwise won’t get amplification

  23. Without content, amplification is meaningless – without amplification, content is unnoticed

  24. You always need good content. You can’t amplify a turd. Also good content won’t reach places without amplification

  25. Young people perhaps approached social from a technical ‘know how’ pov, but by no means ‘simple’

  26. If it’s *useful* content the amplification should be achievable

  27. both critical, content is about getting the message right and amplification in how to reach the target audiences

  28. exactly – it’s the best skills in ANY profession!

  29. for IC ppl, our visual content conference hosted with how can video strengthen your IC strategy?

  30. Content+amplification both important. Third-party endorsements give credibility, but only if people see them

  31. t6 good content travels far…simple

  32. Again, think that’s unfair. Upward education came in the industry from young people with social

  33. nooooo this young /old traditional/social binary doesn’t exist

  34. *waves* . What do you think of all tolhe “push em out quickly tools” ?

  35. T6: What is more important content or amplification? Or both??

  36. See you in the future

  37. key media relations skill is building a bridge between client and media, communicating a story which works for both

  38. isn’t that the same for all professions?

  39. E.g:use Google Analytics to track results of a PR campaign and using branded/non-branded search traffic as KPIs

  40. had to delete ” thanks for the favourite tweet ” ( would be a number 1 skill!). *blushes*

  41. Fair point – younger people often see social as simple; others think it negates everything prior

  42. thanks both and to everyone else…great ! 16 month old just woken!

  43. Multi-tasking is easily the biggest PR skill – you need to handle content, people and channels, all at the same time

  44. For success over years, PR professionals have to keep learning

  45. T5 most important skill in 5 years time for PRs will still be thorough understanding of how to build trust

  46. the ability to LAUGH at the ridiculousness of it all. 😉

  47. Unfair to assign problem to ‘young PRs’ – problem greater with ‘seasoned’ PRs in my experience

  48. good to meet you

  49. A bit of both, media/mediums/tactics we employ will change but core skills, values will still be central to our work

  50. there has to be change and commitment to develop skills

  51. Understanding of their business and an ability to communicate this across a broad stakeholder mix

  52. agreed…good justification for staying focussed on what really matters

  53. to show value and worth to the business.

  54. u also can’t wait for the crisis – u even have to be proactive about your reactive (sorry those who know me!)

  55. T5 the ability to be genuine & succinct will be key – people are time poor but messaging still vital

  56. Whole industry needs revolutionised.If truly want seat boardroom table need have belief,demonstrate own value

  57. no, need to actually professionalise to raise standards as a whole. The value of PR will then be recognised

  58. definitely…helps to say ‘no’ and prioritise

  59. listening to their clients. Being able to write. And being able to use digital effectively.

  60. understand your audience (or stakeholder) AND build relationships and understanding within those networks

  61. Does there need to be a strategy change in those years or can PR profs continue down the same route?

  62. The ability to tap into a ‘truth’ whether that’s issues, brand, societal related. This&skill seamlessly spread it diff platforms

  63. tweetdeck has its place but too many people using it to push messages.

  64. Skills in demonstrating value of PR to their business and show how outcome has supported wider business objective(s)

  65. t5 strategic focus; everything has to be aligned to business objectives or why bother

  66. T5: Written/verbal communication, with the added ability to use such skills to resonate with your audience.

  67. good communicators?

  68. Late in and I’ve missed most of tonight’s ..some interesting opinions can’t wait to catch the transcript tomorrow

  69. if not, a few – listen, learn and professionalise!

  70. Being able to express ideas clearly. Vital not just for media relations, but also internal comms, public affairs etc

  71. does experience count?!

  72. it came from 🙂

  73. we start the day with the online news and paper review in my team!

  74. they are all busy doing strategy papers to get promoted

  75. T5: In five years’ time, what will be the most important skill for any PR professionals to have under their belt?

  76. yes, agree…very rookie and not the way to do things

  77. I guess that ties into how PRs measure, report and demonstrate the value of good media relations activity

  78. I’d argue that deeper knowledge of world of biz / commerce equally important and would help media results greatly

  79. T4; no more investment in skills needed

  80. . that depends on what PR function covers – in charity sector small teams cover many roles

  81. sometimes you don’t need to pitch, but you do need to try and educate with facts

  82. think convergence marketing and PR will also play role in upskilling profession

  83. t4 with so many disciplines to master hard to keep track in my team of 4, we have to be ‘expert’ at everything!

  84. Walk into many press offices & the newspapers are immaculately unread and little in the way of pitching is being done

  85. I know! I ‘wowed’ when I read it! Mental!

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