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November 24, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on the value of a comms team

Last night we spoke on a range of topics including the value that a communications team brings to its organisation. Our guest, Comms Hero (@CommsHero) led us on a discussion that covered everything from digital to big data. Here are some of the highlights:

  •  A1: comms teams are invaluable within an org but frequently the unsung heroes behind the scenes
  •   A3 many operate 9-5 but should be 24/7 – comms never stops and customer should be able to communicate when they can
  •  A3. Personally I feel digital comms is 24/7 but it will take time to embed that ethos, so I respond 24/7 but in my own time
  •   V lucky to have a dir. who works hard to put us in the forefront at table, & team who don’t take it for granted.
  •   Big data requires investment, orgs will have to get on board with that if they want the benefits



  1. Great answer for


    A4: Real time supplier & inventory data helps influence pricing – hotel/flight prices fluctuate depending on demand/availability


    A4 Tactics could be figuring out what stats resonate & which fall into the dark hole. Learn what your Informatics team have


    Great to have input from all sectors to help Comms teams. Their sector in major state of flux. Thank You


    A2 Yes. Stakeholders often define solution before they’ve understood their own needs. Can be v rewarding to help!

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