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January 8, 2013 Transcript of #CommsChat on the future of PR

This week, we were joined by Stephen Davies, the digital comms practitioner, blogger, biohacker, and senior consultant at 33 Digital. He recently presented his series of predictions for what PR will look like in 2023. On the first #CommsChat of 2013 we discussed the issues that data, privacy and technology will pose ten years into the future.

Some tweets from the hour:

@RebeccaPain Mobile will change the way we need to communicate with our workforces. Comms will be more integrated, inside & out

@RobertCGage Possibly things like brain implants and mind waves. The stuff of Star Trek 40 yrs ago is reality today.

@MetisComm Consumers already exchange personal data for incentives whenever they click “Like” on Facebook promotions#futureisnow

@stedavies If David Cameron has a real-time data dashboard then surely the CEO is next?

@stedavies Great #commschat on the future of comms and social media has barely been mentioned proving there’s more to future of comms than social. 🙂

To read more, check out the full transcript below:


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