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November 20, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat on the BBC, libel, and editorial best practice

On #CommsChat this week, we discussed recent upheavals at the BBC, taking in editorial cuts, resignations, best practice, and the thorny subject of libel and media training. Below is a full transcript, but we’ve pulled out some tweets which caught our eye during the hour.

  • @AdamRubins the BBC is a stale old wounded corporate beast that’s been mis-managed for years. The problems are deep rooted #commschat
  • @AllThingsIC  PCC: You should be told about it on day 1 in your newsroom & uphold the responsibility. Never hurts to update best practice #commschat
  • @ColinKelly wouldn’t take much for Twitter to have a prominent ‘legal’ Page with trusted info. Social Ntwrks could help educate. #commschat
  • @jgombita frankly, the mainstream media don’t want to hear from agency people in a crisis. They want TOP in-house people. #commschat
  • @RobertCGage Good grief, YES! Used professionally, social media is not a harmless toy. Used personally it isn’t either #commschat

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