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April 3, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat on PR stunts with Rich Leigh

Last night’s #CommsChat explored the use of PR stunts and campaigns, and delved into how and when they are successful, and how they overcome the difficulty of communicating to a varied audience.

It was a very animated chat with a variety of insightful contributions, on a subject which really got people talking.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Rich Leigh, who works for 10 Yetis PR Agency and runs The blog is dedicated to celebrating the best in PR/social media marketing, has around 50 contributors from all over the world. He tweets from rom @PRexamples and @GoodandBadPR.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Do PR stunts work? Or are longer campaigns more successful?
  • Do stunts and campaigns have to cost a fortune to succeed?
  • Why is there a negative perception of the term PR stunt?
  • What’s the best course of action when a stunt doesn’t go as planned, or a campaign starts to backfire midway?
  • How has the open nature of new media channels affected PR stunts?

Please find below a selection of our top tweets of the evening:

@LiamFurther: Yes PR stunts do work – look at last year’s 2011 royal wedding Tmobile dance video. Viral success!!! #commschat

@AdamAzor: I also think labelling “stunts” plays down activity which can also be very strategically thought out experiential activations #commschat

@PRexamples: case of horses for courses. PR stunts can plug into wider audiences, or give short, sharp bursts of media attention. #commschat

@jgombita: @CommsChat short-term eyeballs and attention, rather than stakeholder “consumers” methinks (for the most part). #commschat

@CB_PRandPA: Making them come to life can be expensive. The idea / concept can take no time to come up with #commschat.

@AndyGarner09: Success rate of stunts very much dependent on branding, if you can weave messages naturally you’re onto a winner #commschat

@AmelieMet: Open media has made it easier and harder for PR stunts. They spread faster but are destroyed faster #commschat

Please find a full transcript of the CommsChat here:

commschat 020312





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