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April 14, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on people and the corporate report

Last night we spoke about the employee as a business asset. We tried to understand why it is that human capital is so often neglected in the corporate report when it contributes so much to brand value. Here are some of the #CommsChat highlights:

  •  Often we do not track value/return of human investment vs other corp assets. What gets measured gets managed.
  •  it’s getting better as high profile stories of happy workforce = a positive difference to profits come to the fore.
  •  traditional metrics still main focus in ARs but I think we’ll see more emp value included in future
  •  Strong brand is built on foundations of people & a human story is the most powerful tool we have as communicators
  •   i’d invest if it had high engagement/staff satisfaction scores, but a FUN index would not work in some industries

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