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December 13, 2011 Transcript of #CommsChat on lobbying and public affairs with Francis Ingham

On Monday 5 December, #CommsChat looked at lobbying and public affairs and was hosted by Francis Ingham, chairman of the PRCA.


The PRCA has recently withdrawn from the UK Public Affairs Council, which was seeking to establish a register of all those working in UK public affairs. It was therefore a highly topical #CommsChat, with both the PRCA’s withdrawal and the Independent’s front page splash on 6 December revealing senior Bell Pottinger executives discussing their influence over policy-makers at the highest levels of British politics.


The full transcript of this discussion of lobbying reputation and regulation can be found below, but we’ve also pulled out a few of our favourite tweets from the course of the hour.


@markadams321: Lobbying profession is almost all professional and ethical but we are collectively failing to explain that

@AdamAzor: An unsettled government knows it can score publicity points by creating the perception of standing up against ‘manipulative’ PR

@PRCAIngham: With regret, we concluded UKPAC had failed. We need to recognize that and do something better

@PhilM_CIPR: we disagree with PRCA move, but they have their reasons. Rest of industry should now unite and move on

@jane63c: It’s one of the oldest tools of influence but society now demands more transparency and won’t accept it being limited to elites

@markadams321: voluntary regulation better than statutory. Rather have people choosing to be regulated rather than having to be forced

@PRCAIngham: why do business lobby groups, trades unions etc etc feel lobby transparency isn’t for them?


You can read the transcript at December 12 with Francis Ingham



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