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July 7, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on journalism and PR continued…



    So that’s it from me. Thanks everyone for an interesting discussion! G’night all


    We’ll be back next week with . If you work with digital campaigns at all, entries still open for awards


    What a great hour, chatting about media relations and much more. I’m signing off in a couple of minutes but feel free to keep -ing


    IMO, the subject line + headline of press releases are absolutely key. If not relevant, tailored, interesting, not gonna read it


    One last plea, too many tweets to RT, but if you want to take part, make sure you’re using the ‘‘ hashtag when tweeting : )


    Final topic: How can PR professionals ensure their content remains top grade and stands out in a crowded marketplace?


    Indeed! PSA: doesn’t cover advertising unless it’s a v. specific, relevant case


    . I think good PRs do their HW (as I’m sure most -ers are!) But I still get a lot from PRs that is v. wrong commschat


    Is there something in there about using diff content for diff outlets? Do we do that effectively yet (PRs or journos)?


    Topic 4: What are the best ways to maximise coverage in the modern age?

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