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February 17, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on internal communications and corporate video part 2


  1. generated a brilliant one displayed on their platform. have a great case study on it!

    1. Peck is the Queen of Vine. Expert in creativity 6 seconds

  2. A key here is that it must be accessible to all relevant employees. Access must not be restricted.

  3. T4.5: Do employees WANT to share/make videos for the workplace?

  4. Here’s a quicky from me – wandering around giving people gopros or cameras to film themselves seems to work..

  5. A4) Employee generated video could be shared via internal collaboration or platforms like Yammer?

  6. User Generated Content (UGC) around an event, or on-going project can work really well to raise employee engagement.

  7. surely casserole can wait for ?No? You& others who miss out can catch up w/wkly recap tmrw

  8. I love it, coz it encourages people to be creative.

  9. I’d love some tips on T4 if anyone can help?

  10. Would you agree that it’s about the cultural fit, as to how you design your video & with the end in mind?

  11. Good one to share with

  12. agreed! Love to see more great examples of internal comms using vine

  13. doh! thanks for reminder!!

  14. RT : T4: How can you facilitate employee-generated video? Where/how should it be displayed or distributed?

  15. Once prod are up to speed the working relationship requires much less effort. Prod builds intuition + thinks like IC

  16. Congratulations. But my point is that not everyone has those skills or resources. available.

  17. Excellent CommsChat taking place right now on the use of video for internal comms. Just follow the hashtag

  18. Talking of here at we’re recruiting an employee enagagement officer >>

  19. T4: How can you facilitate employee-generated video? Where/how should it be displayed or distributed?

  20. or her correctly so or their. Our apologies fast typing

  21. I’d love to join in but the wife is making me prepare tomorrow’s casserole. So I’ll just +1 to my colleague ‘s points

  22. we can turn simple films around faster than using external support and that has to be timely

  23. From a production POV it’s v.important: a clear brief that professionals can translate into an engaging format is key!

  24. Depends on the professional! See lots of IC pros tolerating poor quality cos it’s an ‘internal’ audience…

  25. or her! Tut tut!

  26. Sorry I think I’m missing your point. Not sure as to your link with TV/100 years? Could you clarify?

  27. Vital to invest time in building knowledge + relationship between production and IC team – pays dividends later

  28. A3.5) Very important! With the right guidance and training on how to get the key messages on video, employees embrace it.

  29. Video done well in is emotive and powerful. Done badly, it”s cringetastic.

  30. Not say it can’t be done in house. But if you do have the skills, there’s help.

  31. Exactly

  32. , some videos should be just from the CEO on his iPhone

  33. Only if the IC industry wants to be taken seriously. TV has been around for almost 100 years. Time to catch up

  34. Agreed Gillian, we’d also add that real time content isn’t perfect…

  35. hmmm has a point!

  36. . Hi Will. Maybe you can help – How much of an investment (strategically, not in £) is needed for a quality video?

  37. Good way of getting dull messages across in a creative, bite size way. People remember it too.

  38. Delivering bad news (eg factory closures or a 15% redundancy programme) via Vine might be a bit OTT! Especially if done with Lego

  39. . Yes,IC for sure – it should be part of a measurable internal comms strategy rather than adhoc ‘let’s give it a go’.

  40. Video done well is really powerful. The challenge is getting it turned around in a timely manner and to a decent standard

  41. Prob is not with producers. Most corporates are too used to talking heads & too afraid to do something else

  42. no so! My team has video kit & editing software and working hard to create snappy films in-house

  43. Evening ! Trying to stay across the convo, but if anyone wants perspective from the production side just ask 🙂

  44. Depends what the message is to the production value. Opening a conference = high. CEO thanking employees for working hard = low

  45. T3.5: How important is leadership guidance/overall comms strategy when using or thinking of using video for ?

  46. 100% agree. A video that is unpolished and a bit more informal is far more likely to engage with colleagues imo.

  47. Does anyone have links to good or bad IC videos they can share?

  48. Good T3 ! Yes – but the exec need to be open to it. I’m lucky, my ceo is very receptive – but not all orgs are the same

  49. . that’s a great distinction. Is is the right place to achieve this?

  50. No need for the period. You can just reply to me. I’m right here.

  51. Agree, for some it will, but how do you work out the percentage of genuine advocates? It’s not easy!

  52. A3) I think that the whole comms team int+ext can definitely help to improve any videos to be produced for internal comms!

  53. Heather, just a reminder to use the tag : )

  54. With services out there like , communicators can focus on the story. Leave the prod/editing to the experts.

  55. T3: Comms professionals must guide organisational use of video so it communicates rather than becoming a corporate ad

  56. . Can IC help make video a stronger option for biz leaders? Can it professionalise video in a corporate context?

  57. With multinational org’s, bad news cant be delivered face to face in 20 countries simultaneously by CEO. Video next best option

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