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April 24, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat on diversity in public relations

Last night we saw a wide-ranging #CommsChat covering many aspects of diversity in public relations. We were lucky enough to be joined by Cornelius Alexander (@cornucopuia), chairperson of the CIPR Diversity Working Group, and Brandi Boatner, who sits on the PRSA Diversity Committee (@PRSADiversity), to discuss how diversity affects the industry in further detail.

Cornelius and Brandi’s expertise proved invaluable, with their respective positions within the CIPR and the PRSA  meaning the subject has been under their radar for some time now.

The key topics discussed were:

  • For PR to be successful in the future the profession should reflect our diverse society. What is the business case for diversity?
  • What steps need to be taken to tackle both the glass ceiling issue and return to work/re-employment for women?
  • Is PR an accessible profession for individuals with disabilities?
  • Four different generations with four approaches to work. How should PR best manage age and skill set difference in the workplace?
  • What initiatives are you looking to drive forward in 2012 and beyond?

Here are some of our top tweets from the evening:
PRSADiversity A1. There have been so many studies that show organizations with a diverse workforce outperform their peers. #Differenceswork #Commschat

dr_tindall @PRSADiversity Social scientists have seen a correlation between diversity and creativity in groups: #commschat

cornucopuia To keep the industry relevant we need to improve the talent pool and this means we have to look beyond the ‘usual’ haunts #commschat

SpectorPR Diversity is more than just culture and ethnicity. It is a mix of socioeconomic factors as well. #commschat

CarolinaMadrid The logical case is that our #PR workforce should reflect the audiences it serves – in order to genuinely understand them. #commschat

elliscatherine As long as s/he can effectively tell a story… RT @CommsChat Is PR an accessible profession for individuals with disabilities? #commschat

Social_Madi @ECGreaves Diversity of thought should include the intelligence of communication within diverse groups & cultural sensitivity #commschat

Please find the full transcript here: 23 April



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