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May 12, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on digital and B2B comms

This week’s #CommsChat was on digital and B2B communications. We covered everything from the advantages of digital over other mediums to the specific tools used in B2B communications. Our guest was the MD of digital agency @Rawnet, Adam Smith.


  •  Forget likes and followers and track engagement. Establish content types and experiment with what gets reaction
  •  for me, digital has big advantages around listening to conversations, deriving insight and responding in a timely way
  •  Video is great when used as a tone setter or overview combined with other media. Appeal to all learning types
  •  Use video for where text won’t cut it, otherwise text is the more efficent way to communicate
  •  I love the increasing integration of TV & social… The next phase of will be about the digital eco-system I reckon



  1. I’m signing off now, but we’ll be back next week with a guest author to chat reputation. G’night all

  2. Thanks all for an interesting chat on B2B comms and thanks for being our guest

  3. Think beyond social, bake it into your *entire* sales pipeline / funnel and offer value through personalisation.

  4. Winding down here on . Adam, want to share a final thought?

  5. Interesting tonight … Thanks one and all 🙂

  6. Last 5 minutes of . What are some lasting thoughts everyone has to share?

  7. Listening, learning, adapting. Encourage velocity, creativity and importantly be brave.

  8. Lastly T6: What should communicators be doing on digital that they aren’t already?

  9. 100% agree. However it’s often misused. An example would be a page of talking head testimonials.

  10. Yes B2B has it easier, more channels and less intrusive. Higher motivation to be engaged too.

  11. T5: What audiences still resist digital comms on the side?

  12. ahh OK I see the point thank you.. Interesting thoughts that online expectations are higher re:creativity

  13. Not everyone is online, but it’s hard to imagine many B2B channels where the prospect can’t be engaged digitally.

  14. . It’s also one of those mediums that if you get it wrong…it’s obvious.

  15. Use video for where text won’t cut it, otherwise text is the more efficent way to communicate

  16. Sure. Some aren’t digitally native even digitally inclined still… It’s getting guess as digital is reaching further

  17. Yes but use carefully. Talking heads same as text. Video for ‘explainers’ maximise the medium more effectively.

  18. absolutely…

  19. yup not long now. My daughter is 8 & she wants to switch on a screen and carry on where she left off… About there to

  20. Which leads me to…T4: Are some audiences harder to engage with on digital platforms? How can this be combated?

  21. Video is a great way for companies to get employees to pay attn to comms and to share ‘boring’ msgs

  22. YES Ben real time opportunities is key and often overlooked

  23. My favourite kind of B2B campaigns are the ones that use a mix of consumer tactics and new ideas

  24. Don’t things have to be creative off line? Or as creative then? … I only ask as I’m all digital 🙂

  25. Yes channels will combine to the point they can’t be separated

  26. Exactly, if it doesn’t work in general, it’s definitely not gonna work online.

  27. Yes and creative can mean just being human. People are becoming blind to corporate B2B

  28. … I love the increasing integration of TV & social… The next phase of will be about the digital eco-system I reckon

  29. In B2B digital allows for a license to be creative. Things HAVE to be creative online, so it forces B2B cos to think differently

  30. Yes best result is the combined use of two

  31. It also allows you to really understand your prospect, more than traditional communication, rather than 2nd guessing

  32. T3 it’s hard to generalise I think. But measurement and price are the usual.. Integration is key I believe

  33. Full visibility, personalisation, speed of feedback and cost to name a few!

  34. T3: What are the advantages of digital comms as opposed to more traditional methods?

  35. Exactly, and the more insightful data is often more difficult to measure.

  36. … Here here the amount of businesses I meet focussed on vanity metrics is pretty high

  37. Forget likes and followers and track engagement. Establish content types and experiment with what gets reaction

  38. aware one Michelle.. Thats my bedtime reading sorted )

  39. T2 part 2 also market where people are and not focus trying to get people somewhere else… Video will help

  40. Engagement comes on many levels. Conversation is the top layer, but for the most you’re giving value through social

  41. . What metrics should be in use?

  42. Also, think about what metrics really matter – are they measuring Return On Engagement and tracking what works?

  43. . That’s a good point. How can you manage social when large groups of ppl are not talking to you?

  44. They need to be thinking about how they handle the other 98% of website visitors that don’t get in contact.

  45. Traditional sectors are slowest to adopt new practice’s. Surprisingly few do what they should or could

  46. So T2: How can organisations be more innovative with digital?

  47. which sectors are doing better than others?

    1. it is.. I posted this great quote earlier


  48. Digital Impact Award retweeted Tim Elliott

    I agree! Storytelling is a great way to communicate

    Digital Impact Award added,

  49. Absolutely true… Some are very far behind on digital, things move so fast now so. E biz have to be a lot more nimble

  50. That would include using digital for the entire sales funnel, offering personalised content and automating the journey

  51. yes and no. It would be good to see better/more use of video

  52. Some are, but most aren’t. Some sectors are further down the line, but the basics no longer cut through the noise

  53. Tim Elliott retweeted CommsChat

    No in fact the king about B2B is a little outdated companies should look to personalise & humanise comms

    Tim Elliott added,

  54. Evening .. Good subject this evening 🙂

  55. Maybe we can start by looking at some examples of best practice in B2B digital?

  56. evening guys!

  57. So let’s get straight to it. T1: Are companies making the most of digital in their B2B comms?

  58. Please remember to use the tag when tweeting. I’m Brittany and I’ll be your tour guide for the hour

  59. Good evening everyone!

  60. Adam, the MD at will be joining us to discuss anything and everything in digital

  61. Tonight we’re talking digital comms with guests from

  62. Hi -ers welcome to everyone’s favourite Monday night Twitter chat

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