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January 22, 2013 Transcript of #CommsChat on community management

This week, #CommsChat discussed community management and the ways and means of managing an online audience. @VirCommSummit provided lucid guidance throughout the chat and explained the challenges posed to community managers. To see more about community management, check out the Virtual Community Summit.

Some of the standout tweets from the hour are:

@vircommsummit Since the rise of SM it is the role of CMS to be the lynch pin between marketing and other business functions

@ncardwell That’s really interesting. Can CMs be a driving force for customer-focused tech innovation e.g Apps?

@hannahlucy6 CM must engage, not simply reply like #custserv. Too many brands’ Twitter accounts have just become complaint centres!

@makesocialwork There are many tools but in the end its the time you invest building trust and relationships that grows a community

@AllthingsIC Final thought from me: Interested to see how CMs evolve in future & integration with traditional comms roles

Read the full transcript:



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