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October 15, 2013 Transcript of #CommsChat on brand packaging

Last week we were joined by guests Barbra Wright (@woodandwarrior) and Hamish Campbell (@pearlfisherlive) who discussed the implications of packaging trademarks, design and brand in the food and beverages sector. The compelling discussion looked at everything from brand awareness and reputation to the changes in own-brand supermarket packaging. Take a look at the highlights below:

  • @chelsmeyer73 A2: the way food/drink is displayed in stores can overwhelm costumers with choices. You need to make your product stand out!
  • @WeAre7Degrees It’s a massive market so you need appealing packaging in order to stand out. That can be dome through design too.
  • @pearlfisherlive Another innovative use of color is not to use it at all. Brands are increasingly letting the beauty of products shine through
  • @pearlfisherlive The growing use of design in private label is an amazing thing. Don’t be afraid of disruption; it’s fuel for innovation
  • @Jingely The aesthetics will be the first (& determining) encounter of product by customer, even before consumption
  • @woodandwarrior yes, but if the product is rubbish the aesthetics fall down at first base and all that work is wasted

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