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December 9, 2014 Transcript of Christmas brands #CommsChat

The final #CommsChat of the year took on Christmas brands and seasonal campaigns. We talked about digital’s role in this and

  •  Brands should be involved with relevant happenings. Is every holiday suitable for every brand? No.
  •  nothing wrong with sharing a little magic, peace or joy like or ads do
  •  holidays give brands opportunities to reach a wider audience, especially on social media. Creativity is the key though
  •  Look at campaign. Not about holidays, but about winter & doing good. Completely different approach. fab
  •  focus less on price/product, more on what makes Christmas Christmas – giving, friends, family, home, happiness etc
  •  be different. I am an SMB. I gave my clients the gift of silence for Xmas. I promised not to send anymore ‘noise’ till Jan


To read the rest of the Christmas chat, see below:


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