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September 15, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on apps and internal comms

Last night we spoke about some of the ways that apps can be used as a tool to better internal communications. We were joined by our guests @StaffConnectApp, here are some of the highlights:



  1. what staff make of it?

  2. We’ve found user generated content a big driver with our clients

  3. A2 For insurance, the app has current info on new business, application status and commissions.

  4. A1 Yes an app can help a company to promote its brand &Tech savvy image internally &externally

  5. how successful has it been at keeping employees engaged?

  6. A1 We tend to go for simplicity. We think less can be more. Haven’t found a need for any slack-type apps yet

  7. we are also using Apps to bring together all digital internal comms and to encourage user generated content

  8. Completely agree. Email is a key component of a mobile app. Drives traffic too.

  9. Definitely more appropriate for company phones, so then everyone has access.

  10. A2: Project sharing & tweaking, team communications to discuss what we’re working on at the moment, encouragement, reminders

  11. we’ve introduced an onboarding app to engage employees from the moment they are offered a role.

  12. Email apps are a godsend! Especially when you’re swamped with meetings and need to contact someone.

  13. But unless they are company provided can it really be assumed that everyone has access to them?

  14. Some clients use our app for bespoke messaging to key groups with larger organisations. Also values and culture reinforcement.

  15. Bang on Bradley, you don’t want push alerts to become annoying…must be useful & relevant

  16. how did you launch it?

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    I think so too, especially when trying to communicate with a team of people

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  18. A2 Utilizing apps to deliver internal comms direct to employees, and empowering them to share opinions & experiences

  19. Agree! Tailoring content within an IC app can be a great way to get the relevant message to the right ppl

  20. A1 Yes, and one of the insurance companies I work with has had an app for agents for maybe a year. It’s quick and handy.

  21. Everyone seems to have a smartphone, so it’s a logical step. Just keep a check on those push notifications.

    1. T2: How are companies utilizing apps for communication?

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  23. A1 there are also benefits to keeping some internal Comms outside of email. Email can drown out

  24. That’s fantastic Bree! 🙂 Do you have all employees on board?

  25. an app is another tool. Depends on who you want what you want to communicate to who. Should be what’s best for the audience.

  26. But getting content right is essential

  27. Bree Balchunas retweeted CommsChat

    A!1: Yes! We just developed an app for our , and it has been widely successful!

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  28. Not all employees have company emails & there’s a lot of extras things you can include in apps, quizzes, video etc

  29. Are they more appropriate for some organisations than they are others?

  30. Def think so. Keeps us organized. At my former internship we used for immediate interaction + file sharing

  31. A1 Not sure why a special app is needed. Now there are email apps for mobile which send out push alerts.

  32. Don’t forget to use that hashtag communicators

  33. A1 – yes definitely. Apps are easily accessible and more appealing than logging onto a website

  34. absolutely!!! BYOD is gaining traction.

  35. Twitter issues, oh no!

  36. A1 Companies struggle to get their comms to reach all employees esp NDE’s, apps can overcome this with mobile access to info

    1. Let’s get started, T1: Should companies consider using an app for their internal comms?


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  37. Evening commschatters, looking forward to tonight’s with and

  38. Hello everyone! Hopefully you’re not having ‘twitter down’ issues like we have but we’re here & ready to roll 🙂

  39. This is Emily from I’ll be your host for the next hour

  40. Welcome to tonight’s everyone, and to our guest

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