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March 13, 2014 #CommsChat on pop-ups

Britain’s economy runs off the tireless work of SMEs. These businesses also make up the backbone of British retail, yet they often struggle to sell their wares in non-digital locations. This week, Transport for London announced that it will be playing host to pop-up shops throughout the transport network beginning in April. The scheme will not only support businesses seeking retail space, but raise funds for the improvement and maintenance of London’s public transit system.

We’ll be joined by @appearhere, the company that will be responsible for the pop-up spaces. Also joining us are @popupbritain and @lizziepin who launched a successful project around pop-up retail spaces last year. For more info, visit

Topics include:

  • What unique benefits do pop-ups have on the economy?
  • Why are SMEs often tenants of pop-up shops?
  • Will the inclusion of pop-ups throughout the transport network help encourage economic growth?
  • Beyond simply being trendy, why are pop-ups becoming more important and prevalent?
  • How will such plans influence public perceptions of SMEs and TfL’s role in the British economy?

Join us! We tweet from @CommsChat and #CommsChat takes place from 8-9pm UK time – for worldwide times, go here. Anyone can take part in the discussion – simply follow the hashtag here or on Twitter. If you can’t make the chat or would like to revisit it, a transcript will go up on Tuesday morning.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for future topics for #CommsChat – get in touch with Brittany by email or Twitter if you’ve got ideas.


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