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April 11, 2013 #CommsChat on breaking bad news and crisis comms

Last week, the news that Lady Margaret Thatcher spread across the internet within minutes. Governments must and do have extensive mechanisms for breaking news such as this. Indeed spokesmen confirmed the rumours from the Ritz Hotel, where Thatcher had been staying.

Companies also need or have mechanisms for spreading news, good or bad. The threat of crisis magnifies this need, yet some business leaders fail to prepare for just such a moment.

On this week’s #CommsChat, we’ll take a look at the ways in which companies prepare for crises and manage their communications when they have to share bad news. We’ll be joined by Enda Joyce from Hanover (@endajoyce77), Nick Parker from The Writer (@thewriter) and Lisa Ronchetti from Ad Hoc PR (@adhocpr).

Topics are below:

  • Why must a company have a crisis preparedness plan in place?
  • How should business leaders communicate bad news via social and traditional media?
  • What are the consequences of communicating poorly?
  • How can effective comms mitigate or extenuate a crisis?
  • What are the reputational impacts poor crisis comms can have on a company?

Join us! We tweet from @CommsChat and #CommsChat takes place from 8-9pm UK time – for worldwide times, go here. Anyone can take part in the discussion – simply follow the hashtag here or on Twitter. If you can’t make the chat or would like to revisit it, a transcript will go up on Tuesday morning.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for future topics for #CommsChat – get in touch with Brittany by email or Twitter if you’ve got ideas.


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