Transcript of #CommsChat on wearable tech continued…

This week's chat



    , apologies, duty (babies) called. Was good to talk, thanks for the chat


    you can dictate messages but sadly not emails oh, & is my favourite watch app. Thought through


    thanks all for taking part in tonight’s . off to charge my watch now…


    … Yep me to … I shall thinknoj nxt time I’m in a pub as pub ideas are always the best 🙂


    i would imagine those with wearables wouldnt give them up, and those without will find it hard to lose their cycnicism


    It’s the top of the hour, and with it and end to tonight’s . we’ve talked


    I think that’s a fantastic idea – I often think of work I could do with getting down while I’m on the move.


    … Indeed , kind of want it to do something I can’t on the others … Well if I had one anyone 😉


    interestingly talk centred on AppleWatch. there’s talk of wearabletech shoes for runners, safety suits for engineers etc etc


    The two things I would bring on to my wrist would be dictatable emails thru Siri and whatsapp. Oh, and maybe watchable video


    … Now that’s a good question … Hmm (making thinking face)


    A4) Remember how small the screens are – I wouldn’t want to do detailed analysis on a wearable. Glanceable, yes, but not detailed


    so, if we had the opportunity to bring one thing into our wearabletech from our laptop, PC or phone, what would it be?


    aah – phone booths *reminisces fondly*


    there doesnt seem to be any monitoring or reputational management software out on AppleWatch or any other wearabletech


    let’s move onto topic 4 – How could wearables be used to manage reputation?


    so, is anyone using wearable technology for enterprise use? i use the Mailchimp app for a quick glance at a campaign’s progress


    . yay, was waiting for a GIF. Made my Monday 😉


    Agreed, It has to be about the purpose, trusted & wanted by employees as much as by employers


    …. I’ve got a gold one and its awesome 😉


    That’s a blast from the past 🙂 That’s it – all about context


    It all needs careful thought and attention. Privacy is a very real concern, and rightly so. There’s a lot to learn


    Hi . Totally agree, lots more exciting things to come!


    but a real possibility for health & safety. perhaps. locational alarms in danger zones, auto visors when needed etc


    I’m not surprised there’s not greater use of wearables yet for IC, needs careful thought not just using for sake of it


    Only time I ever really encounter haptic is on health and, really usefully, preceding a turn on maps


    The hosts use Slack for our IC to discuss shows. I access the conversations via Apple Watch


    …. Yes …good shout Karl


    im very surprised there isnt greater use for internal comms. Does anyone have any examples?


Transcript of #CommsChat on wearable tech

This week's chat

Last night we spoke about the future of wearables as a tool for communication. People were divided, yet agreed on the whole that wearables will become a part of every day life and, as such, will be an important tool for communicators.

Read the #CommsChat highlights below:

  •  Allows PR’s to intelligently connect and collaborate with audience by tracking their preferences/location
  •  Reports estimate consumers look at their mobile screens up to 220 times/day. Brands can’t afford to miss out on mobile
  •  T2: is it a combo of cost, skepticism and info overload? If you’re looking at your phone 220 times a day…
  •   might sound daft… however, I’m keen on an Apple watch but I’ve got tiny wrists and it won’t suit me!
  •   I’m enjoying my Apple Watch, used it constantly today to pay for Tube travel, tea and groceries. More I use it, more I like it
  •  A3) Msgs need to be short, sharp and sweet. Think glanceable. When you have to handoff (switch to phone) it loses the snappiness

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