Transcript of #CommsChat on the PR agency of the future continued

This week's chat

Most agencies in our videos have gone down an individuals with specialisms route, eg


Transcript of #CommsChat on the PR agency of the future

This week's chat

This week we were joined by @MattCartmell from the PRCA and @DannyWhatmough, chair of the PRCA digital group, as we spoke about the PR agency of the future. We spoke about the way the industry is changing and made predictions about how it will look in 10 years time. Here are some of the highlights:

  •  T2: In 10 yrs, I expect PR agencies to be decentralised, include more freelancers plus different in other ways we can’t foresee!
  •  I think data and digital will be at the heart of the PR agency of 2024
  •  in 10 years will be fully integrated but with deep digital/innovation specialists
  •  Fluctuates, but seems bright talentd ppl currently lured in-house rathr than agency side. This will surely affect future agencies
  •  clients increasingly asking for digital and integrated work as younger generation of brand mgrs emerge

For the full chat see below:



  1. Great to chat earlier! Thanks.


    Tomorrow we’re holding the first PRCA Fellows Agency Management Masterclass at


    Oh this eve’s will come in handy as it’s my dissertation topic!


    i must be tired. opened up twitter to catch up on and got confused – misread that as


    Great – and thanks for all your ideas, lets keep the conversation going with the hashtag


    Thanks all. That was a good hour!


    Really fun and interesting hour on the future of PR this evening


    ": missed most of tonight’s but will be checking the transcript tomorrow – the future of PR sounds interesting." Me too


    We’ll be back next week 8-9pm follow for updates on topics and guests. Transcript of tonight’s chat up tomorrow


    Thanks all – great discussions, don’t forget to check out the videos here:


    We’re keen to continue to drive insights forward – its an important campaign for our PR Council


    That’s all for tonight folks, thank you for your thought-provoking insights and a big thanks to our guests


    yet we need them to do an effective job


    Be interested to hear of other models and whether that works!


    clients unfortunately often not set up to succeed digitally


    RT : Clients holding agencies back a lot with lack of knowledge and budget silos. Be good to hear their thoughts


    chasing budgets that don’t sit in comms is a trend we are experiencing increasingly


    Absolutely, and to see how agencies have changed in their eyes


    All depends where the budgets sit in an org. We often have to find it and unlock it for PR activities.


    And don’t forget to check out those that we have already featured


    Clients holding agencies back a lot with lack of knowledge and budget silos. Be good to hear their thoughts


    Would love to hear of any agencies you know about that are innovating, challenging the status quo