Transcript of CommsChat with Richard Bailey

This week's chat

On Monday 28 November, CommsChat took the theme of learning and was led by public relations educator Richard Bailey, academic, lecturer, and editor of Behind the Spin.

We were pleased to welcome some new faces to #CommsChat including a fair few students. In total, the contributions resulted in 58 pages of transcript which can be found below, but we’ve also pulled out a few tweets from the course of the hour.

@JessYeoman: Those in degrees are being taught about comms right now! They can add value to practitioners

@The_Giff: The social media world is evolving & so are ways of communication. “young pups” can bring fresh ideas for this

@behindthespin: One lesson is that you never stop learning. Another is the connection between comms and teaching (we are natural educators).

@LauraToader: A degree is a good foundation. However, someone could be an excellent storyteller without necessarily being intellectual…

@LizBridgen: some of our interns have ended up running training sessions for their placement hosts!

@mitchellfriedmn: Students may know technology, any worthwhile instructor will provide context, framework

@behindthespin: In my lifetime, school leaving age has risen from 14 to in effect 24. In another lifetime, what, 44? Never stop learning.

@amandacomms: with restricted budgets the use of online and good practice sharing is the way forward

@behindthespin: Two smart practitioner books this year are by@sheldrake and @kdpaine. On measurement and influence NB@michaelwhite1


You can read the transcript at: November 22 with Richard Bailey


#CommsChat with Richard Bailey, 28 November

This week's chat

On Monday 28 November #CommsChat will be joined by public relations educator Richard Bailey, academic, lecturer, and editor of Behind the Spin.

Richard will be leading a #CommsChat on the theme of learning. With the proliferation of communications training courses currently out there, are PR practitioners learning more than ever? Or are there drawbacks to applying academic credentials to creative comms?

Topics in tonight’s chat will include:

– Do you need to be an intellectual to succeed as a communicator?
– What can academics learn from PR practitioners?
– And what can the professionals learn from academics?
– How useful is a qualification (degree level or otherwise) in PR?
– What have you read about PR this year that’s really excited you?

#CommsChat will start at 8pm (UK time – go here for local equivalents) and last for an hour. Everybody with an interest in the subject matter is welcome to take part – use the #CommsChat tag in your tweets, or go to A full transcript will be posted on Tuesday.


Transcript of #CommsChat on Google+ for Businesses and Brands

This week's chat

On Monday, #CommsChat looked at the recently launched Google+ Pages for brands and businesses, with special guests Paul Sutton and Michael Litman. Michael argued in favour of Google+, while Paul counselled there’s no need for businesses to rush to establish their presence.

It was a heated and spiky #CommsChat, that saw 44 pages of transcript which can be found below, but we’ve also pulled out a few tweets from the course of the hour.

@litmanlive: Google+ is the social glue that allows them to completely own the cycle from search to brand page to purchase

@spirals: took few years for twitter to make journo good books. Tech has a pattern of suspicion, intrigue, buzz then mainstream it seems

@wadds: None of the women in my life are on Google+: Mum, partner, daughter… Important benchmark

@ThePaulSutton: Hangouts are the killer feature, in my opinion. The opportunity for brands to talk to customers is incredible

@Stevejuice: As ever, leading brands will favour established channels. Google+ is for challenger brands. For now

@litmanlive: Google+ isn’t a standalone product. It’s permeating every single Google property and improving it. It’s here to stay.

@ThePaulSutton: It’s a question of resource. Most of the brands I spk to struggle to resource Twitter & a blog!

@waynegibbins: not sure why mass adoption necessary for G+ to be useful. Basically a publishing and distribution platform in one, think niche

@mazherabidi:I go online to communicate with ppl not brands. Brands need to adapt to me, not vice versa


You can read the transcript at: November 21 Google+ for Businesses and Brands


Details of the next #CommsChat are coming soon.



#CommsChat with Michael Litman and Paul Sutton on Google+ for brands and businesses

This week's chat

The recent launch of Google+ Pages for brands and businesses has starkly divided opinion across the communications industry. Should brands leap onto this new social media platform? Or should they wait until its comms possibilities are proven?

On Monday 21 November, we’re hosting a #CommsChat session with Paul Sutton and Michael Litman. Michael will be arguing in favour of Google+, while Paul counsels that there’s no need for businesses to rush to establish their presence.

#CommsChat is reverting to its usual time of 8pm (UK time), and will last for an hour. Take part right here, or by using the hashtag #CommsChat. Topics covered on Monday will include:

–          Is Google+ just another social media fad?

–          What’s the best approach to building your Google+ Page?

–          How can you make the functionality of Google+ work for your business?

–          What about Google’s history of launching projects then fading them out when they don’t take off –eg Google Buzz?

–          What have you seen that’s impressed you so far on Google+ Pages?


Transcript of #CommsChat at the PRCA North West debate

This week's chat

Hello all. On Monday, #CommsChat ventured to Manchester for the PRCA’s North West debate, on the topic of “Have we lost control?” We live-blogged the arguments of the panel, then relayed the questions from the CommsChat crowd to the speakers.

The panel – Amanda Coleman, John Greenway, Claire Donnelly, Dom Bradbury and Mark Dickinson – discussed whether PR professionals have lost control in the communications industry. They took up positions on what the role of PR professionals is today, and what it will be tomorrow, and who controls the messages and the mediums.

There was so much material in Monday night’s session that we haven’t pulled out a couple of key points as we usually do – so to see what was discussed, download the full transcript here: 14 November CommsChat at the PRCA North West debate

#CommChat will be back on 21 November at 8pm – details coming shortly.




#CommsChat, 14 November – Have we lost control?

This week's chat

On Monday 14 November, #CommsChat is doing things a little differently. We’re teaming up with the PRCA to broadcast from its debate at the Imperial War Museum, North, which takes as its topic: Have we lost control?

The debate will bring together senior PR and comms professionals to examine the top questions in communications today. With the evolving media landscape changing the way everyone communicates, what’s the role of PR professionals today and tomorrow? Who is and will be in control of the messages and mediums? Are we now at war with customers and consumers?

As well as the debate taking place in the room – featuring speakers such as John Greenway from Manchester Airport, former #CommsChat guest host Amanda Coleman from Greater Manchester Police, and Claire Donnelly, Radio 5 Live broadcaster – we’re hoping that the #CommsChat community will chime in.

I’ll be live-tweeting from the event, and we want you to tweet your questions for the panel. The timings will be a little bit different: the Q&A portion of the evening will begin at 7.50 and last for about 40 minutes, so within that time I’ll try and put as many of your questions to the panel as possible. I’ll also be relaying what the speakers are arguing from 7pm onwards, and I expect there’ll be plenty there for CommsChatters to debate as well!

So to reiterate:

I’ll be tweeting from 7pm onwards with the details of the speakers’ arguments
From 7.50pm the panel will be answering questions from the room and from those submitted on #CommsChat
As usual, a transcript will go up shortly after the session.
We hope you can join us! As ever, tag your tweets with #CommsChat or use to take part.
And if you’re in Manchester on Monday night, tickets for the debate are still available – visit Have we lost control? or email Vicky King for details.


Transcript of #CommsChat with Vikki Chowney

This week's chat

On Monday we were delighted to welcome Vikki Chowney, acting news editor at Econsultancy, for a session on hiring and firing. It was a great session, with lots of interesting contributions from the #CommsChat community on the right time to work with PR agencies and how relationships with clients can go wrong.

You can download a full transcript below, but I’ve pulled out a few tweets that caught my eye during the session. Make sure you take a look at the transcript though – there’s a lot of great content in there!

@vikkichowney: Q1. As a business, how do you know if you’re ready for PR?

@AdamVincenzini: A1: I don’t think businesses have the luxury to choose…in like it or not (if I understand the question correctly) […] it is very difficult to tell your story ‘entirely’ on your terms…impossible actually

@jgombita: Per @terryflynn, “Public relations is valuable, but not valued”

@greenwellys: Neutrality, strategic understand of media & *hopefully* social media, content strategy, issues management, data

>>>>> @vikkichowney: Q2 What could you be missing if you don’t involve a pro?

@patrickjpr: I’m a believer that many companies (esp SMEs) could do PR themselves, but are missing time, experience or confidence

@kariowers: with the right PR help start ups can fly. Small agencies can work in partnership/grow with you. Be a success story together.

@markpinsent: Often the little things, getting the basics wrong. More clients upset by poor written work than lack of results!

>>>>>> @vikkichowney Q4 What are the things that lead to the loss of a client?

You can access the full transcript here: 7 November Vikki Chowney. #CommsChat will be back on 14 November with a slightly different format to the usual – stay tuned for more details!


#CommsChat with Vikki Chowney, 7th November

This week's chat

For this evening’s #CommsChat we’re delighted to welcome Vikki Chowney as our guest host. Vikki is the acting news editor for Econsultancy, and was formerly the editor of Reputation Online.

From 8pm UK time (find local times here), Vikki’s going to be discussing hiring and firing with the #CommsChat community – topics will include:

– How do you know if you’re ready for PR?
– What could you be missing if you don’t involve a PR pro?
– What are the best things to highlight when choosing which PR to work with?
– What are the things that lead to the loss of a client?
– What makes people switch agencies?

#CommsChat takes place on Monday evenings, right here on the #CommsChat site: Tag your messages with #CommsChat to take part in the conversation.


Transcript of #CommsChat with Adam Vincenzini

This week's chat

On Halloween we welcomed back Adam Vincenzini, co-founder of #CommsChat, to host a session focusing on the trends the #CommsChat community predicts we’ll see in 2012.

There’s a full transcript available below, but I’ve pulled out some of the tweets that caught my eye during the hour:

@behindthespin: That’s easy. People power. Arab Spring, #OWS, Occupy London

>>>>>>> @AdamVincenzini: Q1: Before we look forward, let’s look back. What has been the most important trend of 2011?

@Jarism: A1: The push for humanizing engagement with customers. It has been a slow process, but it’s gaining traction.

@mazherabidi: I reckon it’s actually harder for newer networks to get onto our radar…too many networks, too little time

@AdamFairclough: @AdamVincenzini ‘In-domain’ sounds a lot like advocacy, just with a fancier title. I can tell you work in communications 😉

@spirals: multi-screen / screen shifting feels like motivation for being on YouTube since they have device penetration others don’t

There’s lots more thought-provoking material in the transcript, so make sure you take a look: Halloween – Adam Vincenzini

#CommsChat will be next week with Vikki Chowney as our guest. Details coming shortly.